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Welcome To Global Era Solution & Consulting

Global Era Solution & Consulting is one of the leading IT Services Company and believes in green IT initiatives, improve and optimize Customer’s Business Processes and providing IT Workflow Design & Development Services, Software Development Services, Enterprise Solutions, Managed Services and Consulting Services.

Global our various consulting practices enable you to achieve execution excellence to help drive your business momentum despite challenges arising from globalization and the dynamics of customer loyalty. Optimizing your business processes using IT resources through our services

Software Development

We offer a rich repertoire software development services to be able to help its clients seeking customized.   Read more

Web Application

We offer a range of custom Web services from system applications to business applications development.   Read more

Application Testing

Global Era Solution & Consulting offers industry leading best services that leverage advanced technology.   Read more

Business Analytics

We provide a complete platform for analytics visualization, enabling you to identify patterns and .   Read more

Consulting Service

Global Era Solution & Consulting offers flexibility in delivering options by offering high quality IT.  Read more

Enterprise Business Solutions

Global Era Solution & Consulting align its skilled developers to help and create an application meeting.  Read more