High Technology

High Technology enterprises have changed the manner in which they impact businesses. A decade ago, information technology enterprises would have been seen as sellers of technologies. Today information technology enterprises are positioning themselves as sellers of not only technological solutions but also business solutions. IT firms across the globe, leverage intra industry partnerships to create value. Every cloud has a silver lining and when you insure from a cloud you have enough reasons to be on cloud nine. Global Era Solution & Consulting leverages its learning and experience with corporate clients to give differentiated solutions and products.

1.Billing and Subscription

IT vendors across geographies are essentially dealing with subscribers on a one time or recurring basis. Online subscription billing, raising an invoice, recurring billing and payment and online subscription management and software as a service billing are essential but non core functions. Billing and Subscription Management from Global Era Solution & Consulting is the automatic billing and subscription management system that enables customer invoicing, order provisioning, acceptance and management of recurring payments and client management.

2.Customer Relationship Management

IT enterprises have to live with not only technological issues but also business issues. High customer churn, poor user experience and delivery of support services and cost rationalization plans of customers may lead to drop in sales. Customer churn is only the symptom that is visible on the surface. We treat the causes and not just the symptom. Customer Relationship Management from Global Era Solution & Consulting enables IT enterprises to trace leads, follow up on prospects, close deals, monitor order delivery status and assign leads efficiently. We provide solutions so that customers can add value to the businesses of their customers.


Sourcing the right person with the right skill set requires more than software for recruitment. What we provide is a comprehensive web based recruiting system added with capabilities of recruiting intelligence and recruiting analytics to reduce cost and time redundancies at every step of the recruitment cycle. Applicant Tracking System from Global Era Solution & Consulting is the recruitment management software that enables IT enterprises to post situations vacant simultaneously across all channels, filter and manage resumes, schedule selection processes and rope in talent custom fit with the budget, job profile and strategy of IT enterprises.