Cloud Computing

We’re helping today’s enterprises become intuitively digital by using cloud computing to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities and build new models for creating richer and more meaningful customer experiences. At Global Era Solution & Consulting, we help you deploy this change through metered pilots which gauge how useful the shift is for you. We help you define optimal use of cloud technologies, migrate existing systems to the cloud, and monetize your existing services through cloud based offerings. Our cloud enabled services span across application development and management. As your Cloud integration service provider, we support you on:

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Recognizing there is no single path to the cloud and many choices open for those looking to migrate, we help companies cut through confusion and find answers to their most pressing questions. We will help you choose the best cloud technologies and map out a strategy for your business that will.

  • Accelerated time-to-market and resultant increased profitability
  • Enhanced utilization of IT infrastructure
  • Improved customer experience
  • Virtualized processes
  • Increased workforce collaboration
  • Cloud Adoption & Migration

    We help you transform your existing architecture and make the shift to a contextual cloud service that matches your requirement such as Public, Private or Hybrid cloud. From simply re-hosting applications on the cloud, set up for High Performance Computing, to re-engineering your custom application, or migrating to a off-the-shelf cloud option, our services encompass it all. We also provide services for Cloud VM enablement for the development and testing of large web applications. Our migration services include.

  • IaaS migration (Amazon EC2/S3, Rackspace)
  • PaaS migration (Azure, AWS, Salesforce)
  • BaaS migration (Stackmob, Parse, Kinvey)
  • Cloud Product Engineering (SAAS)

    We provide Software as a Service (SaaS) transformation services by engineering your products and solutions into a licensable services that increases your overall business reach. Scalability, architecture capable of load balancing, multi-tenant efficiency and security forms the four main tenants for delivering mature SaaS offerings. With SaaS rapidly becoming the backbone of an emerging business model, we dedicate ourselves towards helping you determine sustainable licensing models for your SaaS offering. Our professional consulting and engineering services delivers true transformational value to your business.

    Cloud Management

    Our cloud IT governance and management services focus on two main areas with the main aims of offering our clients with increased operational agility, and tighter integration of various enterprise components within their cloud infrastructure. Through regular health checks, application value enhancements and tailored governance model which includes delivery & operational policies, we provide.

    Service Delivery: Including Service level management (SLA), regulatory compliance, availability auto scaling, high availability considerations, cloud bursting, continuity backup, failover, data recovery and security.

    Service Operations: Including monitoring, auditing, access management, incident management, metering and chargeback, cost management and continuous optimization.

    Cloud Baas Solutions

    We provide BaaS and mBaaS (Mobile backend as a service) solutions which help you tap into our remote cloud-based applications or web service APIs, which are capable of integration with your existing systems to offer feature rich solutions to your client. Alternatively, we also help you adopt the a commercial off-the-shelf BaaS framework that fits your business and operational requirements.