About Us

Global Era Solution & Consulting is one of the leading IT Services Company and believes in green IT initiatives, improve and optimize Customer’s Business Processes and providing IT Workflow Design & Development Services, Software Development Services, Enterprise Solutions, Managed Services and Consulting Services.

Our various consulting practices enable you to achieve execution excellence to help drive your business momentum despite challenges arising from globalization and the dynamics of customer loyalty. Optimizing your business processes using IT resources through our services, we build a strong base to empower your information technology operations this includes identifying pain areas, deploying the right resources to upgrade or solve them, implementing strategic business process and IT tools, as well as managing the project life cycle.

Global Era Solution & Consulting takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships.


Improve and Optimize Customer’s Business Processes and Deliver business-enabling solutions and technologies by best-in-class people, to comprehensively and effectively address the environmental impacts of computing.

Our Culture

We believe that certain principles are central to organizations as well as to client’s success. Innovation, integrity, transparency, and commitment are embedded in our DNA, and this helps us in promoting a sincere customer service culture.

We provide our people with opportunities to grow and be more creative while maintaining work-life balance and this allows them to remain self-motivated and committed professionals. Our leadership has created an inclusive culture as we engage with team and market, which eventually brings openness, knowledge sharing and innovation in our daily work life. This ongoing commitment by leadership helps in improving customer experience throughout the customer journey.


To use our expertise to the benefit of our clients and partners through an open, collaborative approach. To ensure sustainable and efficient long-term growth. To promote human capital development Core Objective and Strengths.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • We deliver measurable “value”
  • Collaborate with customers to improve growth, efficiency
  • We have proven delivery models - dedicated, and offshore
  • We have the ability to go “extra mile”